Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Viral Shock

Two weeks ago my son Jong-jong called from Cavite and agonizingly informed us that Neneng, her wife, and all their seven children (ages 1 to 10) was hospitalized on suspected A(H1N1) viral flu. It was one of the most horrible and terrifying days our son ever experienced in his young life. We prayed like we never prayed before. By God's mercy, after a little more than a week the crisis abated and they all went home safe and free from the dreaded virus. The following Sunday they all trooped down to church for a thanksgiving mass. As they were walking down the isle, they passed by a huge lifesize crucified icon of the dying Christ. Ap-ap, the fifth child, aged five, was aghast. He stoped and looked intently at the miserable figure and asked, "D-did he d-die?," Jong-jong answered sadly, "Yes," At that, the lad panicked and blurted out," S-so..w-when he d-died..did they took him to the h-hospital, too..??,"

MORAL of the Story: Don't rely too much on hospitals or modern medical so-so; they weren't even there when Christ needed them most :D

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  1. ay tuod!!! dipuga!!! grabe kulba ko oi.. wala ko ya kabalo hhuhuhu... kaluoy k jong2 pero cge lang ah.. thank God ok na sila.. CUTE CUTE KAY AP AP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISS U AP AP!!!!! (WISh ko lang nga maka basa ni si Jong2)