Monday, August 17, 2009


What is TRUTH? Evidently Pilate did not quite get the meaning of the word, so he freed Barrabas and sent Jesus to be crucified. Anybody in his "right mind" could have done the same. Barrabas stood for man's inherent longing for justice and freedom. Jesus..well, He just preaches "love"..?!! And can you love your enemy? You must be nuts to fall for this one. So, go ahead crucify this Jesus who calls himself the TRUTH..and history recorded the best thing that ever happened to man: Somebody died for him..saved him..gave him the best deal there is for his incorrigible, miserable soul..gave him the chance to live the life that is truly meant for him to be be live forever not as a drifting, fake, and trying hard nameless individual in this awfully wicked and treacherous world, but to live the life of honest, pure from all needless worries and sinful living..breathing in the fresh air of guiltless freedom, and using to full potential his unquestioned power as a true SON and/or DAUGHTER OF TRUTH...

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