Tuesday, August 18, 2009


FLASHBACK: 35 years past...It was a quite and peaceful night. I think we've just had finished our supper. I can't remember it very clearly now since maybe what was ingrained in my mind was that feeling of nameless excitement and panic coupled with anxiety and fear for Flor and the baby she was about to give birth to: our firstborn. We were renting an upper portion of Lola Luming's house along the "riles" in La Paz District in Iloilo, and the old lady has a rather sizable number of son, daughter and grandchildren who all wanted to accompany us in bringing Flor to the maternity clinic. My brother, sister, cousin, and sister-in-law went along too. What a sight we must have been as we trodded on that cold and inert railway which leads all the way to the clinic fronting the La Paz public plaza. Everybody was excitedly betting for a boy except Hilda, my sister-in-law, who will not budge on her bet for a girl. I betted against her too..At the clinic we composed ourselves and behaved as civily as we could..but we did not wait long for the much awaited announcement. In just a matter of a few minutes the doctor came out of the room and brought to me my little girl. A feeling of awe and amazement filled my being like some all-encompassing force that made me numb and speechless. To be a father to this little one who is so frail and helpless made me shudder with reverential fear..and uncertainty. I felt humbled. I felt so inadequate. How could I raise this princess with my pauper's pay? How could I clothe this angelic beauty with my sinful soul? How could I even begin to call her my own? I didn't know my answers then. Now, I realize, I needn't have to answer it at all...

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  1. heard this story many times. pero its my first time to read about it. mas nami pa gid gali if birthday mo hehehe... thanks father dear for being the father that you are to me. to us. ur da best. you may not have given us material wealth but you and mamang have given us much much more. love and happiness. sa imo naman birthday ko ma elaborate nyahaha! thanks to mamang for being my mother. i love you both very much!