Saturday, August 15, 2009

the beltless fool

Preparing for the Eucharist is no joke. The task of cleaning the hall and putting on the eucharistic table complete with all the flowers, candles, etc..these assignments were always given to Flor and me every 2nd Saturday of the month. Our preparation would take us almost the whole day to be able to do all that needs to be done in this special day. Aside from the actual physical works which, mind you, could burn a lot of calories, we have other personal things to do, too, like preparing in advance our formal clothes, selecting the songs, seeing to it that our other personal belongings like mops, scissors, metal polisher, and all the other little things that we bring with us will not get lost or left behind in a moment of haste. I thought this Saturday would go without any hassles for us. We prepared early, and we were sure we could perfect the task with flying colors. We have learnt a lot of lessons in the past, and we are determined to do it smooth and easy this time. So we did our work. The brothers were all praises for the fanciful touch of class in the flowers which were layed out most artistically by flor on the table. The songs were good, and the Eucharist as always, went gloriously well. So..anybody would think WE DID IT!!! Perfect!!! what guys? I feel like a silly bastard here..umm..m-my pants are loose and I..umm..FORGOT MY BELT!!! :((( Here's a message here, folks: GOD DOESN'T NEED YOU TO BE PERFECT...JUST DO WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO AND BE HAPPY--HE LOVES YOU FOR ALL YOUR FAULTS AND IMPERFECTIONS. AMEN.


  1. wahahahahah wahahahahahhhahahaha mayo nalang na nga wala paha sang sa abri ang zipper! lol

  2. Wow! I honor you and mamang for the things that you are doing for the Glory of God. :D Hope soon we can attend the Eucharist together there in Bacolod.

  3. wow ..i really admired your depth in organizing and re -telling your thoughts ..awesome vocabulary too and good grammar ..very nice blog papa mcjim !

    I am very proud of you and mamang for the good things you have done for your community and most of all to the Lord .May God bless you and your family a hundredfold ..more blogs to come okey?