Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Job

This morning I went to Burgos market to buy stuff for my special Sunday menu: Ginat-an nga tambo :)) On the ride back home I happened to sit beside two mothers chatting, and the one sitting next to me was telling her friend that her son is presently doing active combat duty in Mindanao. Because of the noise some of her words got lost in my hearing,so I asked her to verify if truly her son is a graduate of the Phil. Military Academy. She beamed and answered, Yes, her son is a PMAyer. I politely nodded and smiled back at her, but a slight pang in my being kept me from striking up a conversation with her. What could I say? At that instant memoriesof my own combat stint in Mindanao and Jolo came flooding back at me, and I can't just avoid feeling pity towards the mother who, although proud, displayed a desperate helplessness and resignation to whatever fate might befall her only son. Would I tell her to persuade the young lieutenant to quit his "job" because he's just getting himself killed for a "cause"that serves well NOT the welfare of the people but the arrogant, ambitious and irresponsible whims of GMA? I have served the army of Marcos. I was once an insider. I know the dirty games of government military operations. I lived the evil that lurks inside the barrels of military might..believe you me guys, it's nothing but simple arrogance and ABUSE OF POWER.

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