Friday, August 14, 2009


Mawi was my classmate in the elementary. He just arrived from Canada, and it was a very happy and nostalgic moment for both of us. It's more than forty long years since we met, so golly! I invited him home for lunch and we had a big bangus grilled with some honest-to-goodness fillings. Flor and I also cooked some prawns and prepared our favorite: "laswa". After lunch, we drank coffe under the shady mango tree outside the house. We compared notes, talked of so many things, got deliriously happy with some jokes and silly little things that happened in our lives, and bewailed at how sad the Philippines has now become with a lot of corruption from everywhere in the Macapagal-Arroyo Government...but at least we have one positive thought: It's really great to have friends and caring people around especially in times like these. We can always help each other, develop mutual strenght, and keep doing what needs to be done to make our beloved country what it should rightfully become: The most progressive, prosperous, and happiest country in Southeast Asia...


  1. wowowowowowow!!!!! happy gd ko blogger ka na pader!!! =) go see an an's blog ... madalum ang iya blog. akon ya mga pa cute cute lang hehehe...c che2 may ara man.. c dit2 may ara man...

  2. hehehehh, mas nami di gali no? hihih!!! hmmm, paano ko to ma transfer akon mga blogs man?hihihihi!! pareho ta inday, mga pa cute2, trying ko ya katama, heheheh... si manag ksg papang ya pareho, nyahahha! pro mas marori ang kay manag, heheh!! pangabuhi! nyahahahh!!!